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Different Menu in Different Pages is the best plugin for creating multiple menus on different WordPress pages. You can create multiple menu location for different pages and posts of your WordPress site and then assign your different menus for those pages and posts. This is really great because you can literally have different menu specifically for every page and post.

How many menus you can create with this plugin and how many pages/posts you can have customised menu in? Well, sky is your limit !


# Native Menu Feature
# Native Design
# Easily Configurable
# Highly Customisable

Support Custom Post Types

You can use this plugin for creating menus in custom post types also. Simple create menu locations and then assign your desired menu in any CPT post.

Supports Category Archives

This plugin can be used on almost every front-end page you can access in your WordPress site. So category archives, search indexes and all other page menus can be customized with this plugin as your heart want.

Full WPML Compatibility

This plugin is fully WPML Compatible. As long as your theme uses the standard WordPress menu system, WPML will translate all the menus created by this plugin. You won’t need to write a single line of code or extra thing to translate it in your desired language.

Full bbPress Compatibility

bbPress 2.x has built-in theme support and this plugins uses the native menu structure for creating different menus for different pages and posts. So you can customize all the menus created by bbPress with this plugin.

Full BuddyPress Compatibility

BuddyPress uses the available page templates of your theme and this plugin uses the native menu structure. So this plugin is also fully compatible with all the menus you may need for your BuddyPress installation.

Full WooCommerce Compatibility

WooCommerce uses their own customised pages for products and product categories but when they create menus for those pages, you can control those menus through your native menu manager under appearance. So you can also control appearance of your woocommerce menus in different pages and posts with this plugin too.


# Download the plugin
# Navigate to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
# Upload the zip
# Activate!


# After activation of the plugin, you need to navigate to DuoGeek > Menu Manager
# First, you need to create menu location. You can create as many locations as you want.
# Then navigate to Appearances > Menu and create new menu, select the new created location from menu manager panel.
# Go to Pages > All Pages > Edit a page. In right side, you will see a meta box for the menu manager. Enable menu replacement, select old menu and new menu. Done!
# View the page in a browser, you will see different menu
# You can change the menu even in Custom Post type, woocommerce, bbpress etc
# You can change the menu in category pages. Navigate to Posts > Categories > Edit a category and select old and new menu
# Do exactly same for any type of custom taxonomies if you want.
# If, in any case, you have a page that doesn’t cover within the above rules, you have URL groups! Navigate to DuoGeek > Menu Manager > URL Groups, create as many groups as you want. You can use multiple URLs with comma separated in a group. Then customise the group, save old and new menu.
# v1.0.1 introduces shortcode for showing a menu in anywhere. Just use [dmm_menu_loc theme_location=”menu-location”] in anywhere, page content or post content. But note that, the plugin is not responsible for the menu style, you have to design your own style.
# In your DuoGeek panel, for help, please navigate to DuoGeek > Help

If you have any problem or issues, please feel free to contact us.


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